Friday, May 15, 2015

GNU screen cheat sheet

Screen allows disconnect and connect to a running shell from multiple locations. If the process is already running you can steal it to screen using reptyr: reptyr PID. Screen cheat sheet from here:
yum install screen
screen -r #reattach
“Ctrl-a” then “?”. You should now have the screen help page.
“Ctrl-a” “c” new window
“Ctrl-a” “n” for the next window or “Ctrl-a” “p” for the previous
detach from the window using “Ctrl-a” “d”.
“Ctrl-a” “H”, creates a running log of the session.
“Ctrl-a” “M” to look for activity. 
“Ctrl-a” “x”.  This will require a password to access the session again.
“Ctrl-a” “k”.  You should get a message if you want to kill the screen

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