Monday, August 17, 2015

Generating Spark docs on Windows

The process of Spark docs generation for Linux is described in It might be a little tricky on Windows. You need to install Ruby 2.0, two jems then Python 2.7 and two jems. Nice docs for the first step is at

  • Get Ruby 2.0.0 for your architecture Install it and check "Add Ruby executables to your PATH"
  • Get RubyDev from the same site. Unzip it to C:\RubyDevKit. Install it as follows. Before running the "install" command (last one), check that "config.yml" contains the path to your Ruby installation. Add it, if missing.

cd C:\RubyDevKit
ruby dk.rb init
ruby dk.rb install

  • Install "jekyll" as follows specifying your proxy if needed:

gem install --http-proxy http://proxy:port jekyll
gem install --http-proxy http://proxy:port jekyll-redirects-from
groupadd hadoop
usermod -a -G hadoop hduser

  • Get Python 2.7 from and install it. Make sure that "Python" and "Python\Scripts" folders were added to your PATH.
  • Install "pygments" and "sphinx". To use proxy, you need to have environment variable "http_proxy" with your proxy:port.

pip install pygments
pip install sphinx 
If everything was OK, you will be able to generate docs from docs folder. Lets' skip API docs:
cd %SPARK_HOME%\docs
set SKIP_API=1
jekyll build 
It will create a folder "_site" with all docs generated in HTML

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