Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mercurial commands

Create a branch
hg bookmark [name]
Reset local changes
hg revert --all
Fetch latest code
hg pull
Fetch latest code and update local code
hg update master
hg commit [-m "message"]
Update commit with new changes
hg amend [!! use of -m "message" overwrites the log]
hg diff
hg status
Current bookmark (branch)
hg identify
Switch bookmark and rebase
hg update [name]
Difference from the rev
hg diff -r [rev_num]
Use file from a revision
hg revert -r [rev_num] [file]
Use theirs or yours version on rebase
hg resolve -t internal:other --all
hg resolve -t internal:local --all
Use manual resolve on rebase

hg resolve -m [file]

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